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“Where is your official website?” This is the first question you will hear when you tell people about your business. The truth is that people have become smart these days. They think 10 times before making any business decision.

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Garrison Web Designs provides better SEO, higher ranking on google, increased sales! Provides a comprehensive and cohesive website that improves conversion rates. Helps websites rank more prominently in organic search results. Increases customer satisfaction by giving their customers what they want. Faster loading time for your website. Increase in traffic and sales with higher SEO ranking. Professional design that will look good on any device. Personalized service from a professional webmaster!

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I’m an experienced designer and artist with a degree in computer science who is bringing affordable web design to Kentucky. I’ve been drawing, making music, or creating something ever since I was young and have recently honed my skills enough that it’s given me the confidence to bring other people’s ideas into reality through creative means. I love design and working with small businesses. I’m passionate about creating timeless work that stands out from the crowd, so let’s chat!

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Hi I’m Eric Garrison, CEO of Garrison Web Designs, and I love creating websites that are both beautiful and functional. I’m dedicated to making sure your site looks great on any device, so people can find what they need quickly. Plus, my sites are optimized to help your business rank higher in search engines like Google. That means more customers will be able to find you online!

1.) A Website Proves Your Brand Credibility

2.) Businesses with a Website are Easily Accessible

3.) A website builds a relationship

4.) A website makes your brand more visible

5.) You can Showcase Your Products/Services the Best Way Possible

6.) You can benefit from Google Searches

7.) People still judge your credibility by looks

8.) A website is an integral part of online marketing.

9.) You can strategically target your customers through a website

10.) All of your competitors already have a website

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